Vision Boarding Workshop

Monday 19th June 10am – 12.30pm

Image of a completed vision board featuring images and the text 'Time and space for me'

Do you have a goal or dream that you would like to manifest into reality?

Why not join me in this workshop with the theme of the Summer Solstice on the 19th June 2023 from 10am-12.30, to regain the drive and momentum needed to bring your dreams and goals into fruition?

In this workshop we’ll look at where you are now and what areas of your life you want to work on, thinking about your ideal life.

Then using quotes, pictures, words, souvenirs, photographs, trinkets, and intentions you will create your very own vision board to help you identify and focus on drawing the life you want towards you to achieve your life goals.

At the end you will walk away with your very own vision board.

Participating in this workshop is ideal for anyone looking to set goals for the rest of the year and beyond. Everything you need is included, materials tea and coffee but if you have any pictures of things or people that you would like to add, feel free to bring them with you.

Price £20 for 2 hours.