Reiki Level One


Have you heard about Reiki and would like to understand more?
Are you feeling stressed or anxious?
Would you like to improve the connection with yourself?
Have you ever wondered if you have healing hands?
Would you like to feel more grounded and develop a renewed sense of self?

Then join me for 2.5 hours a week over four weeks and find out:
How to carry out Reiki treatments on yourself and others.
Visualise the meridians energy system and chakras.
The background of the History of Reiki and the 5 essential principles.
Numerous different ways to ground and protect yourself.
5 ways to feel calmer and less stressed.
Receive 2 full reiki Attunements.

My last  Reiki Level One Training Course  for this year is on the 3rd July 2024 with one place available. This Course is for beginners with no previous experience necessary. Its’ great for anyone wanting to experience Reiki for self-development, self-healing, and for you to care for yourself, family and friends. You will need to practise Reiki on yourself for at least 21 days after the course is finished enabling you to incorporate Reiki into your life.  Price starts from £170 with £100 to secure your place.

Reiki Level Two

Reiki Level Two Course takes place on the 3rd  September 2024 and is over four half days from 10-12.30 and takes the energy further. It is well known as being the level for ‘distance’ reiki healing, and the use of symbols (although it’s much more than this). Once this level is successfully completed it’s possible to obtain insurance and work professionally as a Reiki Practitioner if you wish to.

Reiki 2nd Degree includes:
Empowerment symbols for self- healing
Developing your intuition and intent.
Introduction and a Reiki Attunement with the three Reiki symbols.
Learning how to Distance heal.
Guidance in working as a Practitioner and setting up your own practice.
Comprehensive manual certificate and full ongoing support.

Reiki 2nd Degree is a continuation of your Spiritual development. You will experience a deeper connection to your intuition and a rise in your vibrational frequency. At the end of this training students are required to complete 15 case studies. Once this is completed a certificate will be issued.

 Price from £225 with a deposit of £100 to secure your place. To book or to find out more why not email or call me on 07806634781.