About my journey as a Reiki and Meditation Teacher and  Reflexologist

Hi, I’m Helen and this is where you can find out how I  became a Reiki and Meditation Teacher and Reflexologist. In June 2006 I was working as a tutor with groups of teenagers who had been excluded from school. As you can imagine this was an extremely stressful job with them kicking off back chatting and basically not wanting to do the work (even though that was what they were there for!) I was desperate to find something to help me feel calmer more relaxed and motivated with my work as I felt quite down at times low in mood and despondent with the work I was doing.

I already participated in a weekly yoga class, but I really needed something more than that to help me. Through my tutor I found out about a Reiki course that she was running that summer. Initially I was very sceptical about Reiki and whether it could help but, after observing her teaching Reiki sessions and having a few one-to-one sessions with my teacher I decided I wanted to have a go for myself   I haven’t looked back since completing Reiki 1 in 2006 and Reiki 2 in 2008. I then did further training to become a Reiki Master in 2011. I became a Reiki Teacher in 2019 and started teaching Reiki in January 2020. I also teach Meditation Classes to small groups of up to 5 students.

In April 2013 I wanted to add another therapy to my skillset so after a lot of deliberation I chose a Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology which I completed in April 2015. i am now proud to be a Reiki and Meditation Teacher and Reflexologist. Gradually I have built up experience of working with clients and have carried out Reflexology and Reiki sessions in many different venues, including a local community centre, pamper afternoons with new mums and festivals of Health & Wellbeing. In my spare time I enjoy cooking, being in nature yoga and swimming.  Reiki Reflexology and having a Regular Meditation Practice have helped me to feel much calmer less stressed and more focused in life, and I now find it extremely rewarding to be able to help others feel the benefits of Reiki Meditation and Reflexology too.