My 5- week Meditation Course

Do you worry or feel anxious often? Have you high blood pressure or would you like to boost your immune system? Do you have problems sleeping or staying asleep?

Then why not try my 5- week Meditation Course starting on the 8th October 2024 from 10.30-12 to help? 

On this course I will introduce you to the benefits and joys of having a regular meditation practice using different techniques and methods. All these techniques have the same goal in mind which is to quieten and calm your mind allowing you to relax more. We will do two short meditations in each session and there will be time to share your experiences, ask questions and discuss any doubts. I will also guide you into setting up a meditation space at home and how to journal your experience before taking you on a guided visualisation to finish each session.

Price £100 with £50 deposit to secure your space. This includes 7.5 hours tution, a manual to take away with you and lots of tips and techniques for you to do at home.

Benefits of Meditation

There are so many benefits to meditating, a lot of which have been scientifically proven. These include:

     Giving you a quiet space in your busy life.

     Lowering your blood pressure and stress levels.

     Helping you to focus and concentrate more.

     Being able to work more effectively.

    Improving your mental well-being.

    Allowing complete relaxation and stillness.

    Enhancing your immune system.

   Better management of symptoms such as pain anxiety and blood pressure    levels.

My Meditation Courses are usually run-in small groups although I can tailor an individual session just for you if this feels more beneficial.  To book or find out more why not call me on 07806 634781 or email  You can also find out how its helped my previous students by reading my Testimonals page.